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4  BLK-Blank Crystal
· Rectangle
· Cube
· Award
· Jewellry
· Key ring
· Round
· Ball
· Clock
· USB flash disk
· Others
4  D-3d Laser Crystal
· Animal
· Architecture
· Bereavement
· Blessing
· Celebration
· Children
· Flower and Plant
· Horror
· Military
· Musical
· Myth and Legend
· Portrait
· Religion
· Scenery
· Sea Life
· Sport
· Star Signs
· Transport
· Wedding
4  G-Key Chain
4  X-Crystal Trophy
4  K-Crystal Ball
4  J-Crystal Furniture
4  W-Crystal Jewelry
4  ZA-Indoor Decoration
4  ZB-LED Base
4  T-Crystal Clock
4  Z-Crystal Candlestick
4  U-Office Set
4  P-Crystal Container and Component
4  I-Crystal Ashtray
4  L-Crystal Vase
4  C-Perfume Bottle
4  A-Crystal Figurine
4  E-Traffic Model
4  H-Building Model
4  M-Flower and Fruit
4  B-Christmas Gift
4  Y-Color Printing Crystal
4  F-Hand-Sculpted Figure and Design
4  R-Handmade Crystal Intaglio
4  S-Crystal Intaglio of Mold
4  V-Sandblasted Crystal
4  N-Crystal Chandelier
4  Q-Chandelier Pendant

Zhejiang Philosophers Arts & Crafts Co., Limited is specialized in the production of crystal crafts. The company was established in 1999, and then started to produce and market crystal crafts, and exported crystal crafts to other countries from 2001.

Zhejiang Philosophers Arts & Crafts Co., Limited now owns 3,000 square meter modern workshops and 200 employees, including 50 technicians, 12 quality control inspectors and 6 researchers. The company possesses perfect capabilities in the design, development, production and inspection of products, and has established and implemented a quality management system in compliance with quality management system standard of ISO9001 - 2000, while a majority of products have passed the certification of SGS, CE, UL, FDA and Rohs etc. The product adopts joint standard of crystal crafts of Zhejiang Crystal Crafts Association, and has been registered by the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Pujiang County.

This company owns advanced crystal production equipment and complete production line ranging from cut-to-size to surface grinding, faceting, drilling, 3D laser engraving and UV bonding, and introduces the latest scientific achievements — fine 3D laser engraving equipment in the optics field. Meanwhile, advanced crystal manufacturing techniques like water cutting and linear cutting have improved efficiency and quality greatly.

The company now owns 28 major series, including over 30,000 varieties of products sold well in current market, including blank crystal, 3D laser engraved crystal, trophy, jewelry, key ring, furniture, crystal ball, candlestick, office set, watch & clock, animal model, Christmas gift, perfume bottle, traffic model, building model, ashtray, vase, flower and fruit, crystal chandelier, container and component, chandelier pendant, color printing crystal, hollow engraved crystal, deep engraved crystal, mold engraved crystal, sandblasted crystal, etc. A majority of products are sold well in the domestic and overseas markets, and exported to many other countries and regions.

Blank crystal and 3D laser engraved crystal have been known as our two major products. Our blank crystal is of standard dimension without any bubble, wrinkle, scratch or fragmentation, suitable for processing by various 3D laser engraving machines. We can engrave delicate and vivid images with advanced 3D laser engraving machines.

Adhering to the operation philosophy of taking customers as the center, products as the core and services as the purpose, we strive to improve the enterprise's core competitiveness represented by high quality products and intimate services, and co-create a wonderful future with vast customers.

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